ā€œ If you think you need a high spec system to be a great editor, you're lying to yourself.ā€
Learn from the Award Winning Editor himself.

In his first-ever online editing class, the Award winning Film Editor teaches his approach, in an all out practical experience. Watch him edit an entire short film right in front of you as he explains the complexities and the basics. Most importantly, his tips, tricks and techniques on how to edit like a pro.

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This class is for anyone who has an interest in editing videos, short and feature films.
This class acts as a guide for an aspiring editor to navigate the difficulties and intricacies of editing along with Tips and Tricks on how to go about the process in general.
Yes. In the course Anthony Gonsalvez breaks down his process of editing and walks you through how he edits a scene with the footage provided.
The only prerequisite that you require for this class is the Passion to learn. You do not need any prior knowledge of photography.

Oh, and You definitely do need a Device with an Internet connection and a few hours to spare!

Yes, Anthony Gonsalvez will be teaching all the lessons in the Class, However, the lessons will be recorded & will not have or involve any live sessions/interactions.

This course is in English with English Subtitles.

There are no recurring costs or any additional charge that you need to pay after purchasing the Learning experience.
The Class is approximately 190 minutes long and is divided into 25 Video Lessons.
You get to access the certificate once you complete watching all the lessons in the course.
You can access LevelUp Learning across various devices - Mobiles, Tablets, Desktops or Laptops.

You can access classes on mobile by downloading the LevelUp Learning App for Android and iOS devices.

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