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Venkat Teaches Photography

“You don’t need an expensive complex camera to be a photographer.
The key to great photography lies in the understanding of light.”
Learn from the Award Winning Photographer.

This class is for anyone who has an interest in Photography and wants to learn the know-how of capturing the perfect image. Through this course, Venket Ram will divulge into a diverse range of case studies, touching on various locations, lighting techniques and a culmination of other aspects that can be used to establish how you can stand apart as a photographer. He discusses how you can tap into your unique identity, creative style and way of thinking.

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16 video lessons (4h 2m)

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G Venketram introduces his world of Photography and tells us what to expect from the lessons to come and how he approaches this class.
Venket Ram explains how his desire to express himself turned into an interest in photography. He tells us that everyone’s journey is different and that one has to discover their passion in their own way.
Light helps us see things around us. This lesson gives us a basic overview of lighting in photography.
Photography is painting with light. In this lesson, Venket Ram tells us how important it is for a photographer to understand light
Venket Ram explains how painters have inspired his work and establishes a relationship between painting and photography. He emphasizes the importance of observation of the environment.
“The camera is a gadget that registers light”. Cameras have gone through many changes over the years as technology has improved. Venket Ram gives us an overview of what a camera does and the different types of cameras.
Venket Ram explains the role of lenses in shooting certain subjects. He defines terms like aperture, shutter speed and ISO. He also defines the relevancy of these technicalities when it comes to shooting great imagery
According to Venket Ram composition is one of the most important aspects of photography as it expresses the creativity of the photographer. He briefly talks about what elements are involved in composition.
Conceptualisation is the first step in narrating a story. Venket Ram explains the importance of conceptualisation in photography through a case study.
This lesson is an introduction to the different genres in photography. According to Venket Ram, students should select their field of photography according to their interests. He explains what goes into wildlife photography.
Venket Ram elaborates on the different aspects of fashion photography and what students should know before choosing it.
A photographer should have knowledge about any subject they are photographing. Venket Ram talks about the challenges and elements in food photography.
A case study of Venket Ram’s collaboration with “Naam Foundation” where he recreated paintings of Raja Ravi Varma with popular artistes. He explains what went into the preparation and conceptualisation of the project.
Venket Ram talks about another recreation of a painting of Raja Ravi Varma. This lesson tells us how an in depth understanding of textiles, lighting and composition will give better results.
Venket Ram shares his expertise on working with stars and shooting for movie posters through his work for the movie ‘Bigil’
This lesson is an introduction by Venket Ram to practical studio sessions and how to get started with studio shoots.
In this lesson, Venket Ram goes into detail about setting up the shot with respect to the background and lighting.
Venket Ram shows us how he collaborates with makeup artists and designers for a fashion shoot.
It sometimes isn’t always possible to shoot outside because of various factors such as light, weather, budget and time. Venket Ram shows us how to set up studio lights to recreate daylight within an enclosed room.
In this Lesson, Venket Ram Shows us how he works with the setup and model for the shoot. Talking and conversing with your crew is essential to get exactly what you want from the shoot and having a great experience overall.
In this practical lesson, Venket Ram explains the role of lighting in portraits. He shows us how experimenting with lighting can result in interesting results and that trying new things and taking risks should be part and parcel of a photographer’s way of life.

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This class acts as a guide for an aspiring photographer.
In this course, Venket Ram shares his professional experiences as a photographer, than teach a photography course with established guidelines and instructions.

He believes that this is a better way to understand photography concepts, so that you can build your own style and perspective, using his processes as inspiration. He hopes that sharing his experiences will open your mind towards exploring the art form, as there is no manual of dos and don’ts.

The only prerequisite that you require for this class is the Passion to learn. You do not need any prior knowledge of photography.

Oh, and You definitely do need a Device with an Internet connection and a few hours to spare!

Yes, G. Venket Ram will be teaching all the lessons in the Class, However, the lessons will be recorded & will not have or involve in any live sessions/Interactions.

This course is in Tamil and English with English Subtitles.

There are no recurring costs or any additional charge that you need to pay after purchasing the Learning experience.
The Class is approximately 190 minutes long and is divided into 25 Video Lessons.
You get to access the certificate once you complete watching all the lessons in the course.
You can access LevelUp Learning across various devices - Mobiles, Tablets, Desktops or Laptops.

You can access classes on mobile by downloading the LevelUp Learning App for Android and iOS devices.

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